June 27, 2018 - No School for MBCI ONLY - Administration Day and June 28, 2018 - No School for All Schools - MBCI Graduation and Administration Day for all other schools
Congratulations to Graduands

Congratulations to Graduands

Congratulations to Kelsey Learning Centre and Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute Graduands!   Graduation ceremony dates are as follows:  Kelsey Learning Centre – June 22, 2018 and Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute is June 28, 2018.

Budget Information

Do you have questions regarding Kelsey School Division Budget Information?  This can be found by clicking on the Information Link.

School Bus Stop-Arm Violation Convictions

On December 20, 2017, four (4) offenders were convicted for stop-arm violations. These charges and convictions are a result of videos submitted to the RCMP from cameras attached to the outside of the buses.

Manitoba Education Website Updates

A n n o u n c e m e n t Manitoba K-12 Website Updates:  Curriculum Development and Implementation •The new My Learning at Home website is now available. This website allows grade 5 to 8 students to find videos, animations and interactive websites to help them...