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Board Meeting Agenda –

If you have any questions about the highlights or other business of the Division, please contact one of the Trustees or the Division office. The numbers are posted for your convenience.

Board Meeting Highlights February 12, 2018

Budget Meeting Dates

The KSD Board continues its work to develop a 2018-2019 budget proposal, and to incorporate recently announced Manitoba government limitations on school division budgets. Budget Deliberation Meeting Dates have been established for February 20, 22, and 28, 2018 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Policy Committee

Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees reaffirmed the following policies:

-Policy GCN-Evaluation of Professional Staff

-Policy JC-School Attendance Areas

-Policy JFCB-Care of School Property by Students

-Policy JLI-Defibrillators in Schools

Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees approved the following revised policies:

-Policy JCA-Supervised Lunch Program

-Policy JECB-Admission of Non-Resident Students

-Policy JECBC-Admission of International and Foreign Students

-Policy JECC-Assignment Resident Students to Schools

-Policy JECE-Student Withdrawal from School

-Policy JQ-Student Fee, Fines and Charges

Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees archived the following policy:

-KGD-Corporate and School Division Partnerships

MBCI Student Council

Youth Representative Gianna Catalano reported the following:

-The JV Boys basketball team placed 2nd overall in Minnedosa.

-The JV Girls basketball team were in Gilbert Plains and played extremely well against some very strong opponents.

-The SV Girls basketball team went to Flin Flon and placed 3rd on the B side of the tournament.

-The Curling Team went to Flin Flon and won. The team will now go to Provincials in Winnipeg.

-Spirit Days for Trappers Festival is being held this week.

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Vaughn Wadelius, Chairperson

Claudette Garrow, Vice-Chairperson

Jennifer Olinyk

Amy Hopper

Kerri Huculak

Trevor Yahnke

Edith Sexsmith

Julia McKay, Superintendent

Jeannette Freese, Secretary Treasurer

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